Social capital

We rely on social relationships and interactions to achieve Merafe’s objectives. We also rely on wider socio-political structures to create a stable society in which we can operate, e.g. government and public services, effective legal systems, trade unions and other organisations.

To enhance our social capital Merafe contributes to open, transparent and fair governance, sources materials ethically and treats suppliers, customers and citizens fairly. We respect and comply with local, national and international law, pay our taxes, invest in the social infrastructure, provide communication, minimise any negative social impacts of the operations we invest in and maximise the positive impacts they can have. We are committed to supporting the development of communities. We expect the same from our investment, the Venture, and monitor its performance in regard to the communities in which it operates. For more information see the Social capital section of this website.

The issues we have identified as being most material to Merafe and the Venture in terms of social capital are the uncertain socio-political environment and the Venture’s social licence to operate.

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