Natural capital

Merafe’s approach to natural capital includes monitoring its own use of energy, energy use in its investments and the production of greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) by both Merafe and its investment, the Venture.

The issues we have identified as being most material to Merafe in terms of natural capital and its investment in the Venture, are energy pricing and the availability of electricity supply, investing in new technology to increase energy efficiency and reduce GHGs, climate change, health and safety, environmental aspects of climate change, the Venture’s production of significant quantities of indirect and direct greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) and the carbon budgeting process.

Through our representation and participation in the Venture’s Joint board, Exco and Sustainable Development Committee we monitor the natural resources and processes used by the Venture to produce its products. We also monitor its efforts to manage its Resources and Reserves, maintain and enhance its natural capital by reducing its dependence on fossil fuels, eliminating waste by reusing or recycling it whenever possible, protecting biodiversity and eco-systems and, wherever possible, using renewable resources from well-managed and restorative eco-systems. Information on our natural capital is available in the Natural capital section of this website.

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